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Environmental Solutions for a Complex World

Our consulting services are focused on:

  • Environmental Regulatory Compliance – Advice and technical support for regulatory compliance with hazardous waste management (RCRA), Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, Underground Injection Control and Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR), stormwater and wastewater, contaminated site cleanup, and solid waste rules and regulations.  

  • Water Quality – Many businesses and communities are plagued with aging infrastructure and regulatory obligations that often require significant investments to resolve. We provide strategic consulting and technical support for TMDL and BMAP compliance, and we can develop easily understandable client programs to take advantage of the benefits of Water Quality Credit Trading.

  • Stormwater and Wetlands Regulatory Support – Assist clients and their consulting teams with entitlements and developing permitting strategies for complex or innovative projects.

  • Wastewater Solutions – Provide technical support on the design and operation of large and small wastewater treatment systems, including advanced nutrient removal onsite sewage treatment and disposal systems, cluster systems, advanced waste treatment, reuse and water quality credit trading.

  • Risk Based Corrective Actions (RBCA) and Site Closure – Advise clients and provide technical support to determining the appropriate use of risk-based approaches to achieve site closure or reduction of environmental liabilities.

  • RCRA and CERCLA (Superfund) Programs – Provide technical support and strategic advice to achieve prompt corrective actions, site closure, and reuse.    

  • Evaluation of Current and Future Environmental Liabilities – Provide due diligence in all stages of real estate transactions. Provide clients with prompt and clear advice regarding all aspects of petroleum and hazardous substance accidental releases.

  • Cost Analysis and Control – Evaluations of the most cost-efficient approaches to contaminated site assessments, remediation, and long-term management of remedial systems.

  • Brownfields and Contaminated Property Reuse – Clear regulatory strategy, design, risk management, and development support for local governments, banks, brokers, and investors to evaluate environmentally impacted properties and help our clients realize positive economic results.

  • Litigation Support and Expert Witness Services – Winning technical support and analysis, environmental regulation, and regulatory policy expertise.

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