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Phone        850-222-7535


Address    310 W. College Ave. Tallahassee, FL 32301



Florida State Univeristy, Tallahassee, Florida 

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering


University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida 

Bachelor of Science, Geology


Jorge is a recognized expert in Florida with a 25-year record of sound technical and management decisions in the areas of environmental assessment and site cleanup, solid and hazardous waste, Superfund, brownfield redevelopment, and risk-based cleanup and site closure strategies. Jorge  recently was involved in the development and implementation of environmental policy, rules, and guidance as the Director of the Division of Waste Management within the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, so he knows what issues lie just over the horizon. His significant expertise, experience, and policy insight is available to provide valuable strategic direction and technical support to WSource’s existing and future clients. 

Jorge’s background in the private sector as a consulting engineer and geologist included representation of private and public sector clients across a variety of industries. Delivering successful site cleanup and remediation engineering decisions- while navigating a complex and ever-changing regulatory landscape- provided him with the perspective needed to effectively represent the interests of clients.  His professional practice experience is vast and includes state and federal environmental rules and policy, hazardous waste (RCRA) and Superfund programs, project cost evaluation and control, Manufactured Gas Plant remedial options, risk-based site closure, environmental liabilities evaluation, and regulatory compliance.   

Jorge’s position of leadership within the Florida Department of Environmental Protection provided him with important insight into the policy setting functions of the executive and legislative branches of state government.  Serving as Director of the Waste Management Division also afforded him the opportunity to develop close working relationships with the leadership of many state agencies, the Governor's office, members and staff in the Florida Legislature, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and local environmental agencies.


Florida Professional Geologist # 1331 (1992-)
American Institute of Professional Geologists (2003-)
American Society of Civil Engineers (2000-2010)
Florida Engineering Society (2015-)


WSource Group LLC
Vice President (October 2015 – Present)

•    Foremost expert in Florida on environmental assessment and site cleanup, CERCLA/RCRA, and risk-based cleanup and site closure strategies
•    The lead geologist and remediation engineer for the company, responsible for providing consulting and technical services to clients on existing or potential environmental liabilities and reaching expedited site closures in accordance with existing federal and state rules, policies, and guidance
•    Represents clients on a wide range of environmental regulatory issues, including assisting with entitlements, developing permitting strategies for innovative projects, and navigating complex permitting issues related to water resources and contamination

Littlejohn, Mann & Associates, Inc.
Associate October (2015 – Present)

•    Provides strategic guidance, policy recommendations, and technical assistance to clients including the Florida Engineering Society and Florida Ports Council 
•    Represents clients before the Florida Legislature and Executive Branch agencies on a wide variety of environmental issues, including water, energy and contaminated property 

Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Division Director of the Waste Management Division (May 2011 – September 2015)

•    Leader of one of the Department’s largest organizational units, with an operational budget of $35 millon. Led efforts behind use of metrics and benchmarks for all programs to substantially improve performance 
•    Led efforts behind consolidation of four cleanup rules into one and incorporation of updates to recycling, solid waste, RCRA, and petroleum storage tanks rules  
•    Developed, recommended, and led the state-wide execution of policy changes regarding risk-based site cleanups using existing governmental controls in lieu of restrictive covenants in deed or property title   
•    Led efforts behind the legislatively-mandated overhaul of the Petroleum Restoration Program to procure cleanup services based on competition and improve site closure rates 
•    Hands-on resolution of complex problems – after years of stalled efforts, successfully negotiated with EPA and U.S Air Force the Superfund agreement for Tyndall Air Force Base; also personally resolved several long-standing site closure cases  
•    Eliminated non-mission core services leading to total operational budgetary savings in excess of $10M 
•    Led efforts behind expansion of Performance Based Contrats for site cleanups in the petroleum and dry cleaner restoration programs 

Senior Engineer and Geologist (September 2003 – April 2011)

•    Responsible for client development and project management for numerous private and public sector clients such as insurance, oil, pharmaceutical, and utility companies, municipalities, and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Dry Cleaners and Petroleum Restoration Programs 
•    Co-author of the largest and most complex environmental engineering feasibility study for NASA Kennedy’s Space Center (Space Launch Complex 34) using a phased approach to remediation
•    Cost-benefit analyses of environmental remedial technologies applicable over decades-long operation and maintenance periods


•    Evaluation of and recommendations for the management of long-term cleanup costs and liabilities lasting dozens of years using an adaptive management approach to capital expenditures
•    Direct participation in numerous and complex site assessments such as former  manufactured gas plants, utility terminals, and chemical plants 
•    Author of several engineering remedial designs that included the following technologies: air sparge/soil vapor extraction, multi-phase extraction, large diameter auger excavation, and enhanced bio-remediation 
•    Advised clients on federal and state rules and policies regarding options for expedited site assessments and closure
•    Worked in domestic and international settings

Florida Department of Enviromental Protection 
Senior Remedial Project Manager, Federal Superfund Group
September 1990 – August 2003 

•    Project manager for over 200 environmental restoration projects located in several federal installations subject to CERCLA/Superfund jurisdiction and RCRA permits/enforcement
•    Principal remedial project manager for two major federal Superfund sites: Homestead Air Force base and Naval Air Station Jacksonville each with over 20 individual sites
•    Review of hundreds of environmental assessments and engineering feasibility studies for compliance with rules and policy
•    Review of dozens of engineering remedial designs and cost evaluations using Remedial Action Cost Engineering and Requirements (RACER)
•    Review of several ecological risk assessments performed for estuarine environments.
•    Provided guidance on applicability of policies, rules, and cleanup standards for sediment, groundwater, and soil
•    Member of the Everglades Retsoration Program South Florida Task Force Homestead Air Base workgroup. Review of projects regarding the restoration of the Everglades sensitive ecosystem in South Florida 
•    Advisor to the 2004 Florida Governor’s Military Base Realignment Environmental Task Group (Homestead Air Force)

Jorge Caspary
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