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Water Rights and Resources

  • Exploring and identifying the water resources associated with your properties utilizing the                                                                        latest technologies in mapping and user friendly data collection and delivery.

  • Our experienced team will scour the assets you already own to identify water resources and                                                             development opportunities that may not have been considered.

  • Providing sound advice and execution concerning the nature, extent, and timing of water resources development plans and investment opportunities.

  • Representing buyers and sellers, producers and users, in the ever-expanding field of water resources transactions.

  • Demonstrating our ability to act quickly as a team with our diverse backgrounds in finance, hydrology, hydrogeology, water law, geology, engineering, technology, mathematics, mapping, and sustainability.

  • Putting our confidence on the line by acting as an equity partner in opportunities, shedding the traditional consulting model to facilitate your project or transaction.  

  • Maintaining an ongoing dialog with partners, clients, governments, water districts, and the science community to identify new opportunities for development, funding, value appreciation, revenue growth, or beneficial transfer of your water resources.

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